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What Do You Do With Your Old Race Bibs and Medals?

Happy Monday!! Today I was featured by Sara from Loving on the Run as a Blogger on the Run!  Check it out 🙂

photo1 (12)

Here’s a couple medals I have just hanging off my shelf

photo2 (5)

My wall of bibs (I lost a couple when I moved). Yes, I raced as Andrew since my friend bailed on his race last minute. They called out “Yay Andrew!” on the speaker when I passed the finish line haha


So as a runner, I have a strange attachment to my race bibs and medals.  I have no idea what to do with them as over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a bit over the years!  So today I decided to go on Pinterest to find some inspiration!  Here’s the ones that I liked the best.

This blogger here turned his bib into a coaster!

This runner framed them

This Esty store sells this bib/medal holder

a DIY Tote bag with the your bibs

A photo album of race bibs


I like how you can write your PRs on the chalkboard.

So let me know, what do you do with your old race bibs?

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32 thoughts on “What Do You Do With Your Old Race Bibs and Medals?

  1. I have them on random closet doorknobs and the like, and my bibs have been trashed except for my first half and first full. I need to find something better to do with my medals!

  2. I have all my medals hung in our guest room and then my race bibs are filed away in a shoe box actually. I keep the races I’ve done during the year (so all of 2014) hung but the rest are filed. 🙂

    • I’m super curious as to how big that filing cabinet of yours is with all the bibs!! I lost half of mine in a move and I don’t race often enough now 🙁 + I love that your medals are in the guest room! No pressure for them to run with you when they stay with you haha

  3. I had mine on my “running” wall in my bedroom, but I’ve really wanted to take the bibs to a local store in my town where they personalize all sorts of things, and get the bibs scanned to make a throw for my bed.

  4. I keep all my race bibs, write the time and date on the back and file them away. My run medals are like participation ribbons you got in public school so I toss them. I kept all my LOSSA and OFSSA medals and medals where I placed. I don’t place anymore but I’m training to.

  5. omg I LOVE the last one!! I definitely will be buying this. My bibs are currently scattered all ove rmy house so I need to organize them. Same with medals. And I love that you can write your PRs on that chalkboard! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading! I love how pretty it is too! But I think I’ll have to wait to get my own place before I start tacking that to the wall! My land lord might be upset about it hahaha

    • Thanks for reading! Just googled Allied Medal Displays, they look quite cool! What saying do you have for your hanger? 🙂 would love to see a picture for your next TOL thursday post!

  6. I’m currently in this dilemma. Don’t know what to do with mine. The ones on etsy are cute but pricey. I’m thinking about making my own wall hanger.

    • They are pricey! 🙁

      I saw some DIY versions but I would probably hot glue my hand to my head if I tried! Let me know if you end up making your own and how it turns out!

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