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Run Chat: Running in a Skirt?

run chat: running in a skirt? yay or nay?

Okay, I’ll admit it.  Before running in a skirt, I just didn’t get it.  What was the point of wearing shorts then having an extra piece of cloth over it?  Other than being super cute – I just didn’t see the point of them.

Well abiding by my own “don’t knock it til you’ve tried it” motto, I gave it a shot.  I had already owned a Victor skirt so I dug it out and did 14k in it then my interval training in it a couple days afterwards.  And you know what… I loved it!



My spandex shorts tend to ride up (I have at least 10 pairs and they all ride up) and the shorts under the skirt was no exception (they didn’t have those grippy things unfortunately but I think the Lululemon ones do…) and usually I spend a lot of time annoyingly adjusting them so I don’t feel too exposed. However, having the skirt on top meant that as my shorts rode up, I was still fully covered!   I can totally see why if ladies are uncomfortable with running in tight spandex shorts wanting the skirt there to keep themselves feeling less exposed while enjoying the ease of running in spandex.

Achilles Race

Also, recently I’ve gained around 5-7 lbs and it’s gone to my stomach and thighs (never my boobs… seriously.)  and I’ve been more conscious of how they look in my shorts so with the skirt, it really helps soothe my self esteem.

So my verdict?  Love it!  Give it a go!  I felt super girly while sweating and panting life a hog and felt less exposed as my shorts rode up.

QOTD: do you run in a skirt?  Do you like it?  Are you against it? Are you a dude curious about trying one?

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40 thoughts on “Run Chat: Running in a Skirt?

  1. I discovered running skirts about a year or so after I started running and have never gone back. I like the way they look and function. I’ve tried just about every brand. Lululemon and Athleta have the silicone and tend not to ride up. There’s also an online retailer called Sparkle Skirts that has shorts that don’t ride up, but they are a little bit longer than some skirts out on the market.

    • I’ve never heard of that brand! I’m mostly in Nike Pros or whatever I got on sale haha. I’m debating if I want to do my next race in a skirt!

  2. I used to love running in skirts until I found a pair of shorts that didn’t ride up! My favorite skirt was the Lululemon Pace Setter–the spandex underneath didn’t ride up at all 🙂

  3. I love running in skirts too! I used to run in shorts, but they would either ride up or after I had kids, I got lots of chaffing. Skirts were the only things I could use where I didn’t chaff on long runs. I wear skirts for all my races too! 🙂

    • I’ve noticed a lot of love for recently! I’d love more of a ruffle look like the Lululemon pace setter though since my thighs are a little wide ):

  4. I definitely encourage everyone to wear what is comfortable for them, and what makes them feel confident! Whether that is no shirt and tiny splits on a guy, or a running bra and ‘runderwear’ for women, or full coverage for anyone … it is what works for YOU, not someone else! Personally I wear shorts (5″ is my preference) with a t-shirt (i.e. not tank) … but that is my choice 🙂

    • I feel like I need rundies… I have a very unattractive pale “strip” butt because I run in just shorts/sports bras so now if I’m heading to the beach, it looks awkward! Do you have a t-shirt tan line? haha my BF has one and it’s hilarious to look at

  5. I’ll be honest, I’d kinda love to wear a running skirt. It seems practical for both ventilation and modesty. But I think guys can really wear skirts, unless it’s some sort of Scottish event…

    • hahahaha I think running skirts would be AWESOME for men. you guys can have the tight spandex on without the any bumps sticking out! hahaha

  6. I still haven’t taken the plunge and gotten one yet! I have seen a few on sale at Target making them really cheap, and I keep thinking I should just give it a whirl. I really don’t know what’s holding me back! I’ve always run in capris though… I don’t even run in shorts! I went for my first run in capris and I’ve just stuck with them ever since. I guess I just haven’t wanted to mess with what works 🙂

    • don’t fix what’s not broken right? 😉 I just love how girly I get to feel while I run (I practically live in dresses and skirts in the summer!) and I swear, American Target has such a better selection than the Canadian one ): I want cute cheap running skirts!!!

  7. I used to not “get” the appeal of running in a skirt, but now I love it! The longer I’ve been running, the more comfortable I’ve gotten in my body so I feel more confident in wearing short skirts than I do wearing short (and tight) shorts. Plus, I feel faster in skirts lol

  8. I love running in skirts and own far too many of them! Tip on pacesetters – a few times a year the ones that have been lingering on the lulu website will shift over to the We Made Too Much section and will usually be priced at $39. I wouldn’t be surprised if some go on sale soon, in fact, some of the current colours have been lingering for a while now (the pale purple and the blue dot in particular). If you know your size you can pick one up cheaper!

  9. I wasn’t sure on the skirt idea either actually. I enjoy it for easy training runs but I still haven’t decided if I’d race in one. I got one from Running Skirts and it’s super cute. It’s so annoying that when I gain weight I also gain it on my belly. Grrr!

  10. I have one running skirt and I rotate it with my other shorts – I guess I don’t even think about it any more! I do like that it seems to cover my least favorite body areas a bit more (read: my upper thighs) and I pretend it’s fancier (read: more okay) to run errands in them!

  11. Laura – when you said that I thought:

    ‘Running skirts = runners’s dress clothes’

    haha … I catch so much crap that 75% of what I wear outside of work is essentially running clothes – I wear tech polo shirts as dress shirts and my kids laugh ‘are those running-running clothes, casual-running clothes or dress-running clothes’?

  12. I just don’t like the feeling of anything riding up and the one running skirt I tried the spandex underneath rode up and that drove me nuts!

    I have a pair of MEC shorts that are tight but not super short – they never ride up!

  13. I’ve been wearing a golf skirt for the past 3 years and refuse to go back to shorts, my wife doesn’t care much for me wearing them, but they are the absolute best thing I’ve worn for running and working out

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