Where to Stay, Go, Eat, and Run in Ottawa

Curious about Canada’s capital? Planning a trip out to Ottawa? Well here’s my quickie guide of places to stay, go, eat, and of course, run in Ottawa!

Where to Stay, Go, Eat, and Run in Ottawa

Where to STAY in Ottawa

I personally stayed at an AirBnB for this visit (if you use my affiliate link and we each get $40!). The place I stayed at was right between Little Italy and Chinatown. A short walk away from the Ottawa River (link here)

Where to GO in Ottawa

Ottawa is a great place to visit if you love history. They have plenty of museums and tours to check out. I recommend the War Museum, Parliament Hill (go early to the building across from the Parliament building – you get free tour passes there for Parliament and they go quickly. Pop by at the start of your day, pick a time, and come back!), National War Memorial, Confederation Square, and the Canadian Museum of Nature. Bonus tip: the War Museum is free every Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m. There’s also a free light show at Parliament every night where they go over the history of Canada! Rain or shine!

During the summer, there’s free yoga in the park at noon every Wednesday. In addition, a 30 minute ride from Ottawa, if you want to go caving, zip lining, tree top exploring, there’s Arbraska – Laflèche Park. And if you’re more of a spa person, the Nordik Spa is the place for you to be.


Where to Stay, Go, Eat, and Run in Ottawa

Where to EAT in Ottawa

  • El Camino – 380 Elgin St
  • Whalesbone Oyster House – 430 Bank St & 231 Elgin St
  • Beaver Tails – 69 George St
  • Wilf & Ada’s – 510 Bank St
  • The Shore Club – 11 Colonel By Dr
  • The Cock & Lion Pub – 202 Sparks St
  • Zak’s Diner (24 hours) – 16 By Ward Market Sq
  • The Scone Witch – 150 Elgin Street


Where to RUN in Ottawa

First let me just warn you that Ottawa has quite the amount of hills! As a girl who loves to run on flat stretches, it was quite the change!

  • Rideau Canal
  • Ottawa River Pathway
  • Aviation Pathway
  • Pinhey Forest
  • Arboretum (Experimental Farm)
  • South March Highlands
  • Louis Riel Dome (Indoors) – 1659 Bearbrook Rd

Where to Stay, Go, Eat, and Run in Ottawa

QOTD: Have you been to Ottawa? What’s your favourite way of seeing a city? Running, Biking, or Walking?

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65 thoughts on “Where to Stay, Go, Eat, and Run in Ottawa

  1. I’ve been once to Ottawa many years ago, but it was only for 1 day. Now I think I need to go back and try some of the food places you mentioned 😉

  2. I haven’t been to Ottawa, but I think having a run and do biking is much fun here. The temperature seems not too hot (unlike in Asia) so this is great!

  3. Wow! SO many people out there in the beautiful sun exercising together. I especially like learning about where to run – when you’re on vacation and doing a little of what you’d usually do at home (e.g. running) it’s great to have these guides to help you with where to go. Great post, enjoyed the read!

  4. Yoga has become extremely popular across the globe. I am not surprised that so many attendees are there for the yoga session. I love doing yoga myself as it helps me to keep my balance.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! I love Ottawa, it’s a really nice city, as it should since it’s our Capital. Great guide too! I’ve never done an air B&B, it would be interesting to hear about your experience.

  6. Ottawa is on my list for and your recommendations are sure to come handy! Maintaing physical fitness while travelling is challenging, and I now know how to work around that when one visits Ottawa.

  7. This is a nice informative guide on – Go, Eat and Run in Ottawa. I like the fact there are quite a few hills out there as I myself like to run up and down slopes. The food places are a nice compilation. I have heard of some of these places from my friends over there

  8. I have to admit, I will not run if I’ll visit Ottawa because my running abilities go as far as losing my breath trying to catch a bus, lol. I will happily replace running with cycling, as on 2 wheels I can easily go for miles. However, I will take in consideration your where to eat guide, food is a very important part of my trips.

    • I wish I responded sooner!! It’s already October! I would say it’s not too cold in my opinion (but I grew up in the cold). A jacket with a light sweater underneath would enough for me. No snow yet 😉

  9. Never been to Canada but have been wanting to visit since I was a little girl, I have a family friend in Ottawa. She was actually a penfriend of my mother’s and they still stay in touch and write to each other after all these years! She always told incredible stories of what Ottawa was like, so I have had longing to visit for a very long time! I almost moved to Canada for a working holiday some years ago but a new job elsewhere changed my plans.

    • You should swing by! I love that your mom met her via being a pen pal! I still write the occasional letter to girls from around the world and it’s such a nice way to keep in touch!

  10. I Love finding out about the history of a place and I must admit I don’t know much about the history of Canada, so Ottawa sounds like a good place to start learning. Love the yogo in the park too and so cool to see many people taking part.

  11. Ottawa seems like a great place! There are many running spots which is good for travelers who want to keep exercising on the go. Love that yoga activity. I don’t do yoga, but I admire those who do. Seems so zen!

  12. Of the bigger cities in Canada, Ottawa tends to be overlooked by travellers. Most people (from abroad anyway) tend to choose other cities, even tough Ottawa definitely has a lot to offer. It’s great to see there are plenty of hills to work off those calories!

    • It does doesn’t it? A lot of times my friends would rather visit Toronto or Montreal but I like you said, Ottawa has a lot to offer, especially if you love nature.

  13. Never known there is a free yoga in the park. Went there twice on Canada day and I love to walk through the bridge between Ottawa to Gatineau Quebec during the sundown.Thank you for sharing and need to check out the rest of the spots on my next visit (prob on Canada Day again)

  14. I am sure, I would have a great time in Ottawa.The place looks great to just get out and run in the outdoors. The food is another great incentive to get out there.

  15. This guide is great. So nice said and it makes me run in the same moment. I didn’t knew there so much to do there, and the free yoga in the park is awesome. Thanks for sharing this and inspiring us all.

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