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Sunday 13th’s MEC 5k race


After lots of panicking because I forgot my iPod and being unable to find parking, we made it to the starting line at 9:00 for the 9:15 race. The MEC race was great, less than 300 racers racing along the lakeshore. The was some crazy wind on the second half as we turned around but other than that, no complaints.

The MEC race was sponsored by Clif and Kind so guess who got a free Clif bar and a handful of free Kind bars?! This gal! Haha. I ended up finished the 5k in 26:50~ minutes. I was hoping for a sub 30 time but was really hoping for 25 minutes flat. Unfortunately I was unable to run that (this is why training needs to be consistent. Shame on me!).
Also, unfortunately my shin splints hit me like a ton of bricks after doing a 3k cool down (barely a cool down, my friend leading the cool down put it in 5:30minutes/k compared to my race pace at 5:20 haha but I held on!) So when I went home, I rolled and rolled and rolled. Then iced, heated, iced, and heated. They feel better currently but my legs are still exhausted. But what a way to start off my season!

<3 Carmy
PS don't mind my post-race face. It's not my best look but I try and rock it haha 😉

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