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The Top 6 Trails in Scarborough

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to take advantage of the GTA’s beautiful and accessible trails. Simple activities such as walking has endless health benefits which include strengthening the legs, building muscles, reducing back pain, improving blood pressure, cutting fat and so much more. Healthcare professionals recommend setting aside 30 minutes per day just to walk.


Walking also helps with pain management which many people aren’t aware of, therefore you should take advantage of all the spectacular trails Scarborough has to offer. These top 6 trails in Scarborough could potentially limit your risk to Osteoporosis, reduce your stress and provide significant relief for any back pain you may be feeling.

Bluffers Park & Trails – Brimley Road and Kingston Road

Bluffers Park spans over 110 acres with striking views that will make any walk enjoyable. Increase your health by taking advantage of this 3.1km trail that expands from the marina all the way to the Bluffs. At the end of the trail you’ll not only be rewarded with good health, pain relief and reduced stress but you’ll get to see some spectacular views. The highest point of the Bluffs rises approximately 17 storeys above the shoreline which means great views expanding all across Lake Ontario.

Highland Creek Trail – Old Kingston Road and Military Trail

For the more experienced and active walkers, Highland Creek Trail is 11.7km and perfect for those who want to have a good workout during the weekend. This trail winds through woods, a creek, and a bridge. Intimidated by the distance? Have no fear as this Scarborough trail isn’t very difficult and could be completed by people of all ages. Reduce your risk of Osteoporosis with this fantastic trail which follows the beautiful Highland Creek.


Morningside Park Trail – 390 Morningside Ave

This trail allows for various activities including: running, walking, snowshoeing, cycling and much more. Want to work on strength training and muscle building? This 3km trail is steep and will certainly help strengthen your legs, back, and core. This trail is open year-round meaning that you shouldn’t hesitate to throw on those snowshoes and stretch those muscles!

Rouge Park Trails – Meadowville Road and Old Finch Road

Talk about variety, Rouge Park consists of five trails ranging from 1.6kms to 2.2kms. Advanced runners must try the Mast Trail, a 2.2km trail that was once a 200 year old logging route where trees floated down the river and eventually transported to Europe. If you love nature then the Orchard Trail is for you as it wraps around regenerating forests and beautiful flowers.


Guild Park and Gardens – 201 Guildwood Pkwy

Are you a naturistic person infatuated with colourful gardens and spectacular views? Then the Guild Park and Gardens is for you. This park is ideal for anyone trying to lower their blood pressure because these spectacular sights will reduce your stress instantly. This scenic area, formerly known as Guildwood Park consists of all the things you need to live a healthy life: fresh air, exercise, incredible sights.

Warden Woods Trail – Warden Ave and St Clair Ave

Forget about defined trails with boundaries, we as physiotherapists love to explore and what better way to explore than having 85 acres of parkland to experience. This park, open year round offers a variety of ways to get active including an off-leash dog walking area for your pets!  For those who are a bit more adventurous then be sure to take advantage of the off road cycling.  

QOTD: Do you live near trails? What’s your favourite trail activity?


Top 6 Trails in Scarborough (Ontario, Canada)

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17 thoughts on “The Top 6 Trails in Scarborough

  1. There are so many physical, mental, and emotional benefits to walking. It really is a shame that more people don’t head out for walks more often, especially when most of us are surrounded by some absolutely gorgeous areas to walk around.

  2. I seek out the “oases” here in very congested suburbia. We have a few preserves and paths, and I take full advantage of them. There’s benefits to exercise, sure, but we also need green space to reset our brains.I just read something on that in the NYT!

  3. I live near a lot of paths, not so much trails. But I love being so close to pathways for running. Makes it so much better than neighbourhood running. Maybe we can take to one of these trails when I’m there in May!

  4. I love trails, but do not have much to choose from in my area. They give an entire new challenge to running….especially with maintaining balance on tricky hills and uneven terrain.

  5. This is great!

    We don’t have too many trails near where I live. The few we do have are great, but they’re not particularly technical or remote, either. It’s definitely a nice change of pace for running.

  6. Hmmm… a combination of two things I love: Ontario and trail running. Sign me up! I’ll definitely have to put this on my list of things to do the next time I head up to Canada. Thanks for sharing!

  7. So jealous of those trails! I have one 6 mile loop near me which I really should utilize more. But most “trails” for me are paved so basically like running on the road anyway haha I want more running in the woods!

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