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Top 6 Hills for Running  in Toronto

The snow and ice is finally gone in Toronto which means that runners everywhere are rejoicing as they get to enjoy the beautiful weather, terrain and work on their fitness. As mentioned before, a lot of physical issues could be prevented with solid exercise and stronger muscles. Running on hills is a great way to strengthen your calves, stretch your hamstrings and keep you in great physical shape. Today we list the top 5 hills in Toronto which are excellent for a good workout, east end AND west end!.

Top 6 Hills for Running  in Toronto

Riverdale Park East

During the winter, if you have ever driven on the Don Valley Parkway then you have probably seen hundreds of kids utilizing the hills in Riverdale Park East with their toboggan. These hills are also spectacular for strength training. During the summer, you could get a great workout by running the hills located at Riverdale Park East and it’s close proximity to downtown makes it even more attractive for those who live in the city.

Pottery Road HIll

Also located near the Don Valley is the Pottery Road Hill, a grueling hill which starts at the bottom of Pottery Road and goes to Broadview Avenue. This pedestrian friendly hill is often used by runners who are trying to strengthen those calves and get a great workout. Fitness experts describe the Pottery Road Hill as a difficult track that will undoubtedly give you a great workout. If the Pottery Road Hill is a bit too challenging for you, there are countless trails on the Don Valley with much smaller hills. You can even treat yourself to a cone from Dairy Queen when you’re done too as it sits at the very top!

Sunnybrook Park

Sunnybrook Park is also home to some very challenging hills that would give anybody a good workout. There are multiple locations that you can find some hills. There’s one at the end of Edwards Gardens, one off to the right on the path TO Edwards Gardens, there’s the hill behind the stables and there are also hills by the dog park! Quite a selection to choose from.

Stan Wadlow Park

Located in the east-end of the city is Stan Wadlow Park, an 8.5 hectare park located near the beaches. This park also has multiple hills which Toronto runners love to utilize for their strength training. On any given day, there are multiple runners stretching their calves at Stan Wadlow Park and this park has other great options like six baseball diamonds, a bike trail, handball courts and more.

High Park

High Park has made our lists before as it’s simply an awesome park and with multiple hills, it’s also great place to work out. What makes High Park great for runners is the fact that there are a variety of hills for everyone. These hills could be great for a light workout or a high-impact exercise. High Park also has a zoo which will soon feature a new llama, making High Park arguably the best park in the city.

Woodbine Ave

From Woodbine and Danforth all the way down south to the beaches is literally downhill so if you’re feeling like you want to do a long hill, you can go up and down Woodbine Ave. It’s a gradual hill that builds up to a second steeper hill so you’re in for a solid workout!

New to hills? Click here for my beginner’s guide to hills!

QOTD: How often do you do hill work??


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12 thoughts on “Top 6 Hills for Running  in Toronto

    • LOL! I unfortunately have to run up a hill to get home. Now that I’m considering moving, I’m making sure I won’t be living on top of a hill again.

  1. I don’t mind hills. My house is about half way up a long, gradual hill so most of my runs either start or stop on an upward incline. I do a lot of my own hill work right on the street in front of my house (and probably look very forgetful to anyone watching)

  2. If I ever make it to Toronto, now I know. So there is flat, and there is Florida flat (and yes, there is a difference), and I happen to live in the latter. We have some high bridges in our area but… nothing like a real hill. I will do bridgework, especially around Gate River Run time, but it’s just not incredibly convenient to do so.

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