What I Ate: Disney Edition

Guess who just got back from Walt Disney World? That’s right! This girl! Ever since my family decided to go to Universal Studios instead of Disney World when I was 13, I’ve made it my goal to get myself to Disney and have the most magical time possible! Well just last week, my wish came true!

Walt Disney World

While in Montreal, Jen and I booked our trip to Orlando through to escape the cold and knew that our trip to Orlando would not be complete without a trip to Disney. (Major thanks to my friends at for sending me to Orlando so my BFF and I could live out our childhood dreams!) We booked the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress (they were amazing, letting us have an early check in!) due to its proximately to the theme parks and their 4.6 star rating on Expedia. When we got there, we found out the they had free shuttles to Disney and Universal so we were super excited that we didn’t have to worry about transportation. After lounging by the pool and checking out their running path, we grabbed dinner at the hotel before we headed up to our room so we could get a full nights rest for our Disney adventure.

Disney World

After making our way to buy the cutest Minnie Mouse ears and heading over for the interactive experience with Belle (legit almost cried when she came out and texted my boyfriend that I want to be a princess), we decided to try eat all the food. (BTW, this is kind of impossible haha. There was just too much to pick from and our stomachs could not eat all of it!)

Disney World

What I Ate: Disney Edition

What I Ate: Disney

This was the first thing I had! I had always wanted to try their Dole Whip Float, pineapple ice-cream in pineapple juice! We headed over to Aloha Isle in Adventureland, Magic Kingdom. I absolutely loved the pineapple ice-cream but was not a fan of the pineapple juice. 

What I Ate: Disney

Ordered 1 Mickey Mouse Pretzel and the 2nd one was courtesy of Mickey Mouse! Score! It came with a warm cheese dip. Pretty sure this was in Adventureland.

What I Ate: Disney

An outing with me is never complete without gelato! After we had finished wandering all over Magic Kingdom, we took the monorail over to Epcot and in Italy, I got two scoops of gelato, cookies & cream and vanilla & cherry.


What I Ate: Disney

How could I go to Disney without getting a Turkey Leg? I picked mine up in America in Epcot. Here’s my freaking face to scale! Haha! I was struggle to finish this and actually had to give up before it was over. At this point, I was so full but we powered through!

What I Ate: Disney

Because I am insane and have a soft spot for dessert, Jen and I stopped by Alpine Haus, located between France and Morocco and got a Sachertorte: a chocolate cake with apricot jam and dark chocolate glaze. Um, yum!

What I Ate: Disney

And because we could not help ourselves, we got Fish and Chips while in London, Epcot! (Note we got Fish and Chips the next day too… and we had Fish and Chips while in Montreal. We clearly have a love for it!)


Question: What’s with all the popcorn at Disney?! It’s everywhere! Of course walking by as the smell wafts towards you… it is quite tempting to get some.

Honourable Mention

What I Ate - Universal Studios

Not Disney but the next day, we got Butter Beer from Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter Universe at Universal Studios. I’m not doing a post on the food from Universal so here is my one bonus from the next day! It’s tasted like a caramel slushy and it gave me a brain freeze. Eek!

Once again, thanks to my friends over at for getting me over to Orlando! If you want to have an amazing Disney Adventure like I did and not worry about flights/hotel/etc, do what I did and get the package over at Expedia! Easy peasy lemon squeezey. (Bonus: I saved around $200 because I picked my flights + hotel together).

What does a day in eating look like you on vacation? Are you a fan of Disney?!

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What I Ate: Disney Edition!

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65 thoughts on “What I Ate: Disney Edition

  1. I just got back from Disney and Universal, too! We only did one day at Disney, though, and went to Epcot. We had dinner at the German Biergarten, which was super expensive but really fun – I really felt like we were in Munich!

  2. Beautiful place, I love to go there again and again, I have eaten few of the things from your list but for the next time Imma gonna try all of ’em. That’s why disney land is called as the place where your dreams come true! thanks again for sharing this post 🙂 Cheers :*

  3. yummy Mickey Mouse Pretzel! I love pretzels but those look like the mouse himself! I am still a little unsure about the pineapple float but it looked interesting.
    I Love chocolate and if I remember they make unbelievable chocolate desserts in the Fudge shoppe on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom!

  4. I’m impressed! That’s some serious food you tried — I can’t believe how huge those Dole Whip Floats were!! It looks there are so many choices that I’d have to be there for a whole week to try everything. So fun!

  5. I don’t remember the pineapple thing but it looks cute. Then again I was racing Fter my three young step kids when we visited so I don’t remember much.

  6. I’ve always wanted to try those huge turkey legs. I was at Disney Sea last week in Japan and someone behind me in line was eating one of those. It smelled soooo good, but I had just ate lunch and knew I wouldn’t be able to finish that big thing. Until next time 🙂

  7. I only have visited the Disneyland in Hong Kong and the Universal studio and I love all the rides there. Anyway, what this place offer is a boat load of luscious food, but some foods are really expensive. Good thing you have opted good and healthy food while you were in this place.

  8. I haven’t been to Disney World in ages. I have heard and read the culinary offers are getting really good in there. Well, I guess that is obvious from your photos. I will have to conform to visit Disney Land since it is only 30 miles from home. #wanderfulwednesday

  9. So many good eats!! Dole Whip is a must! I was a sucker for all the cute Mickey shaped food. We ate at a lot of resturants and they were always over the top so we shared some snack and street food but we got our fill for sure. Gotta fuel all those steps. 😉

  10. OMG that turkey leg is enormous!! I love the mickey shaped pretzels too – can’t beat cartoon shaped food stuffs 😀 Ooh and I would love to try butterbeer too even though its not Disney!

  11. I love Disney. Loved it a child, loved it as an adult. My older sister and her bf like to go every couple of years. Really is the happiest place on earth. 🙂 The smoked turkey leg is my do-not-miss eat. Yum! This makes me want to go back soon…

  12. i loooove the wizarding world <3 i can't finish a whole butterbeer because they're too sweet, but i still love it for all the nostalgia!! and epcot is definitely my favorite in disney 😀

  13. First of all, how cute are you in your minnie mouse ears?! I don’t think anything I ever consume at a theme park will ever top Butterbeer, so I’m excited that it got an honorable mention. Although, that dole float looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing this fun list!

  14. Hey these Minnie mouse shaped food items are so cute. Infact they are all very adorable. That’s some serious foodporn I must say. It seems like you are having a great time.

  15. How on earth did you manage to eat all of this? It all looks delicious, though, so I’d probably go for it as well… And those Minnie Mouse ears are adorable 🙂

  16. First off, super cute Mickey ears 🙂
    As someone else who has dreams to one day visit Disney, I am very envious right now…and after seeing all the good food you guys had, eating some of those dishes seems like enough motivation alone!

  17. Somehow I never associated Disney with food but after seeing your post and pictures, I realise that maybe I have not explored it properly. I too would like those Mickey Pretzels. Thanks for the idea!

  18. That turkey leg is absolutely massive! I have never been to Disney so I don’t know, why is it a tradition to have turkey leg while you visit the park? The Mickey Pretzels with a cheese dip sound like the perfect snack 🙂

  19. Mickey pretzels are so cute 🙂 You were wise to keep a record of what you ate there, I usually forget to do that. The pics are so good that I can eat this post.

  20. We have never been to a Disney for we aren’t a much fan of rides and games but your post give us a delicious reason to make a visit 🙂 The Dole Whip Float with pineapple ice-cream in pineapple juice, the gelatos, the pastries everything looks so yum.

  21. YUM! I’ll take one order of the pineapple slush, the pretzle, and even the butterbeer please 😀 Love the pictures and the writeup. I haven’t been to Disney World but looks like I’ll have to go JUST for the food 😉

  22. The last time I went to Disney I was a freshmen in high school…many many moons ago. I have such wonderful memories, but I don’t really recall eating amazing food like you’ve posted here. Now I want to go back just for the food…ESPECIALLY the turkey leg 🙂

  23. Whoa such an amazing experience! I honestly haven’t been to any Disney World, and I am curious for that exact feeling. But if I would have that chance, definitely I will dress-up fit for Disney! I like your headband ?

  24. Cool post on a different aspect of this popular spot! I visit Disneyland every now and then for a dose of childhood memories and fun! Love the butter beer, its magical! 🙂

  25. I am fortunate that I live only an hour drive from Walt Disney World and Universal studios. Most of the month if I’m not traveling, then these theme parks are my home for the weekends. Glad that you had an amazing time out there!

  26. So.. there was no beer in the butter beer? Or there was? Either way, I hate brain freezes. haha I would love a good Mickey Mouse shaped pretzel though. Yumm for those soft goodnesses. Looks like you had a splendid time there eating.. hope you got on some rides too!

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  31. I LOVE Disney! The whole experience is amazing and completely immersive. Epcot is my fav for treats and drinks. I have to get school bread for Norway, sushi in Japan, beignets in France, and fish n chips from Great Britain. I haven’t tried the “grey stuff” from Be Our Guest but I plan to on our upcoming Thanksgiving trip to Disney. I’m also obsessed with all things Harry Potter so thanks for the butterbeer bonus. I love butterbeer flavored everything!

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