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Where to Run in Montreal, Quebec

Heading to Montréal? Want to get some runs in while you’re there? Well here’s a guide that covers some of the best spots on where to run in Montréal! *This guide is also great for walking if you want to see the city by foot.

Where To Run in Montreal

Where to run in Montreal, Quebec.


Before we get started, I want to thank Clif Bar for sponsoring this post and helping me #FuelYourAdventure! In addition, I want to thank Tourisme Montréal for providing us with a guide on our second day to give us a great local experience of Montréal! Not only did Thom show us some great spots, we also got a mini history lesson! And as someone who took a zillion Canadian history courses during my undergrad, it was a pleasure to learn about Montréal! Okay, now onto where to run in Montreal!

Where to run in Montreal

My fuel of choice for this adventure was the Clif Bloks (energy chews) and the Shot (energy gel). It kept our energy up and running as we ran, walked, and hiked all around Montréal to get the most out of our sight seeing adventure.

The Canal

The Canal is a 14K long multiuse path so you can walk, run, bike, ski, or snowshoe your walk along the path. Not only is this path scenic, you really cannot get lost as you can see below on the map that it is a pretty simple out and back with minimal turns. You can also see the downtown skyline from this path! And when you’re done, you can pop into the Atwater Market and grab a pastry before kicking your legs up! It is sucha great place to run in Montreal!

*For those of you curious about why the Lachine Canal is a national historic site, in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Lachine Canal was the head of a canal network linking the heart of the continent to the Atlantic Ocean through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence route. The rapids from the St. Lawrence made it difficult for expand, with the canal, it allowed for passage of ships that led to settlement and more commercialization.

Where to run in Montreal (or walk!)

Where to run in Montreal (or walk!)

Where to run in Montreal (or walk!)

Where to run, walk, hike in Montreal

Mount Royal

Mount Royal was so much fun to explore. Honestly, I have no idea how long this path is as you can go from the bottom of the “mount” to the top to look at the view or go inside the trails and explore. The trails were my favourite part as it took you out of the hustle and bustle of the city. If given more time, I would have spent the entire day at Mount Royal just exploring.

 Where to run in Montreal (or walk!)

Where to run in Montreal (or walk!)

Where to run in Montreal (or walk)

The Summit

Feel like doing stairs on top of doing hill work and then exploring trails? The Summit is the place for you! The Summit has switch back roads that leads you to the top. Here’s the view you get from the top:

Where to run in Montreal (or walk)

Once you reach the top, there’s a set of staircases that you can do some stair training if you desire so.

Where to run or walk in Montreal
Where to run in Montreal (or walk)

Where to run in Montreal (or walk/hike)

Île Sainte-Hélène

The home of the 1967 World Fair Expo, Île Sainte-Hélène now houses the Montréal Biosphere and is an environment museum. If you head towards the Biosphere, right up the little hill, is the running path!





Île Notre-Dame

Île Notre-Dame is a man made island that is just east of Île Sainte-Hélène. Together with  Île Sainte-Hélène, it makes up Parc Jean-Drapeau, which forms part of the Hochelaga Archipelago. Parc Jean-Drapeau is officially recognized as a registered leg of the Route Verte and Trans Canada Trail aka there are plenty of trails there and paths for you to walk, run, hike, and explore!

On Île Notre-Dame is the Canadian Grand Prix of Formula One. What’s so cool about this track? Well have you ever wanted to go on one? Weeeeeeeell, it’s your lucky day because the track (when not being used for the event), you can run, walk, bike, and even drive on the track! Given you can only drive like 30kph, you can head over to the track and do some loops if you feel like running on a race track!

Where to run, walk, hike in Montreal

Where to run, walk, hike in Montreal

Just a heads up, Montréal is kind of filled with hills. Like my poor little calves and butt was on fire from the incline but it was well worth it! You are almost always rewarded with a beautiful view of the city or the water. So if you’re looking for where to run in Montreal, be prepared for hills! Overall, I enjoyed running around Montréal, we did get lost a few times as we wandered but luckily, the Clif Bar Bloks kept our energy up and running. Once again, a thank you to Clif Bar and Tourisme Montréal and to you, my reader for supporting the brands that support me! Stay tuned for my next post for the rest of my trip!

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Where to run in Montreal (or walk /hike/bike)


Where to run in Montreal (or walk /hike/bike)

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65 thoughts on “Where to Run in Montreal, Quebec

  1. I’m not a runner, but one of my favorite parts of traveling is just walking around outside and seeing things. Especially with the autumn, these pictures are gorgeous! I imagine it was pretty cold up there, but still a wonderful experience nonetheless 🙂

    • These are great places to walk too! It was not too cold for me as I’m from Toronto so the weather is kind of similar but you definitely needed a sweater!

  2. I’m so very glad you did this post Carmy! I love seeing where to run in places I’ve never been before. I sure wish someone would have done one for New Orleans before I tried to get in my run there!

  3. The fall leaves are so pretty! What a great place to get a workout in while you’re on the road. I’m more of a spin class kind of girl usually but I’d love to give those energy chews a try for my next class. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I’ve never had Clif Bloks or Clif Shot I need to try it asap. Mount Royal looks like a great place to run, it’s always fun exploring other places by foot/run. I want to explore Canada sometime next year, I’ve only been to Toronto and I loved it.

  5. I need to get my butt to CANADA!!! I need to see what it’s all about up there – I have heard great things. And then I would WALK instead of RUN all of these places, lol!

  6. Montreal is my favourite city! When I visit I usually end up working out in the hotel gym, but this is awesome. I’ll definitely use one of these recommendations next time I’m there.

  7. I’m not a runner, but when I was in Montreal I loved walking through the Île Sainte-Hélène. I walked from the old harbor to Habitat 67 to the Island — that’s not a run I’d suggest, as most of it was pretty industrial! But the stops in between were lovely.

  8. your love for running is really inspiring! God knows I need to get out of the couch more, it doesn’t help that it rains very often where I live! The scenery around montreal looks very inviting for a refreshing run! thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Wow you really need so much energy to run up cliffs!!1 But the scenery with the autumn colors of the leaves is so wonderful that I think you look around ad forget of bbeing tired…

  10. I´ve got to be honest, I´m really not one for running when I´m on hols (in fact I´m pretty slack about it anytime). BUT I do love a good walk, and a lot of thee places would be good to explore at my slower speed too! I would love to visit Ile St Helene, as anything environment related is right up my street!

  11. I’m not a runner but staying healthy and in shape is such a trend right now that this is a great post to keep handy when visiting Montreal. Even though I wouldn’t run these routes, they are beautiful and breathtaking and I’d definitely walk them for the views and pictures!

  12. It’s nice there’s so many places to enjoy the outdoors in this big city. I’m dying to get to Montreal soon, and now I want to get there even more! I love cities with lots of walking/running/hiking trails and paths.

  13. It looks like Montreal is a very running friendly city and you had enough supplies to visit them all. I am not a runner or a jogger but I do like to hike. That canal path would sound perfect for me.

  14. Montreal is beautiful! When I see your Autumn pics I just think, wow wouldn’t it be great to be there right now. I am not a runner but I do like being outside and walking when exploring cities. I love to walk in the Spring and Autumn especially when it is not too hot or cold!

  15. I am currently recovering from injury and not yet back to running but hoping to start building up distance soon. I wasn’t able to run in Montreal when we were there earlier this year but I would certainly have opted for the canal or my Royal which has the most awesome views.

  16. I’m not a runner (bad right knee), but these locations are gorgeous. I would just walk and enjoy the Fall leaves and the crisp air. Love the photos of you running 🙂

  17. I’m not much of a runner, but I love taking walking tours! I’ll be keeping this on hand if I ever get to Montreal. And judging by these pictures – I better make that happen!

  18. This was an interesting read. I always plan on running, but feel lazy in the end :p
    I wonder how you ran among the colorful beauty… I would have just sat there and gazed throughout 🙂 Lovely pics by the way!

  19. This looks like a beautiful city to run in! I am just starting to get back into running following a knee injury. I’m finding Auckland, New Zealand to be a lovely place for an oceanside run!

  20. I’ve just come back from Montreal. I didn’t get the chance to go to Mont Royal and was too busy to run! Actually, I hate running but those places are great for walking. The autumn leaves at this time of year are magnificent.

  21. Great spots! I find that running or walking in a new city actually helps you discover it more as a local, and you find a lot of off the beaten path gems which you wouldn’t normally find on the typical tourist trail 🙂

  22. I love Clif Bars! It’s the yummiest you can take to your hikes! I’m honestly not a fan of running, but I try sometimes! I just hate having the side stitch! Nice photos though, very Autumn-y! 🙂

  23. Finding places on where to run when traveling can be challenging. Thanks for outlining so clearly the great running spots in Montreal. As a runner, I really appreciate the highlights. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Oh what a cool photo essay! I’m sure this is super helpful. You should try to post this on the college community facebook pages or ask local college newsletters to distribute this info cause I’m sure it would help a ton of people. I love Mount Royal!

  25. I’ve hiked around Mount Royal before, but I think running it would take some effort, so I’d go for the canal. A post of good runs around a city is certainly something that many travelers look for. so I bet you’ll get a lot of traffic on this.

  26. Montreal is a great city! I am sadly not a runner, but the paths and canal you have highlighted certainly look like great places to train for various races. I do love Montreal, but it gets quite cold in the winter!

  27. I’m not into running, but I guess there are more to Montreal, those pictures certainly show a beautiful landscape. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing.

  28. Now this is really interesting…I would definitely enjoy a good run through these neighbourhoods. The only problem that I see….well…..I would be meandering around instead of focusing on the run! 😀

  29. Wow, you can ski down a running path in Montreal? That is pretty awesome. Loving the colours and the fall leaves, the scenery differently makes the 14k and multiple steps worth it!

  30. Really nice posting. Mount Royal is one of my favourite place too. Montreal has many beautiful places in autumn. I would love to come back there some day. Thanks for your recommendation.

  31. I honestly want to run, but sometimes I’m being lazy and your post did get me motivated to start running no matter where it is and you’ve got really lovely autumn pictures here.

  32. I love fitness tourism and the view of the city from the top of Mount Royal looks like it is worthy of the hike up. I grew up in a somewhat hilly area so I think I’d get along well in Montreal.

  33. I am not a runner yet it does seem like an ideal place to run.
    A brisk walk is what I would prefer here and of course with plenty of halts for photography.

  34. Montreal seems to be a lovely place for running. The pleasure of running would double if done in such picturesque locations.It is also a great way to see a new place.

  35. As an avid runner, I love love love this guide. Beautiful scenery and tips for taking runners through changing landscapes. I’ve never tried those running-fuel treats but will definitely give them a go next time I head off on a long run!

  36. I run occasionally, and I am targeting to do it regularly! Your post inspires me to do it more often and appreciate my running route. I will try to do it in the morning (I’m a night runner!)

  37. This is the 1st time I’ve heard about Île Notre-Dame. Is Île Notre-Dame the Canadian Grand Prix of Formula One? Wow it’s so cool about the track. I am heading there. Yeahhhh!!!

  38. The location of Canal looks interesting. Such a long path, really convenient for runner, biker, walker and other. If I wanna change exercises, it is easy to make friend and find inspiration on the way. The Canal is a historical relics. I love the site too. Thank for your share

  39. Cool !!! I’m gonna be in Montreal next month and i am sooo afraid of not being able to workout there for a long time till i read your post 😀
    Thank you so much girl 🙂

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