10 Free Things to do in Orlando!

Thanks to my friends at, I got to spend a couple days in Orlando! Of course one of my first stops was Walt Disney World. And of course I practically made it rain money as I proceeded to buy pins, souvenirs, food, and mugs. Seriously, I came home with 3 mugs. It would have been 5 if the Universal Orlando Starbucks mug was not sold out! But anyways – if you’re like me and you blew your budget, here’s a list of things to do in Orlando that are free (or low cost!).

*Note: if you’re on a budget, consider looking up some combo deals at as the savings by booking through them was around $200 🙂

10 Free Things to do in Orlando

10 Free Things to do in Orlando**
**Or super close to Orlando.

Chamberlin’s Market & Cafe

Chamberlin’s Market & Cafe is an organic grocery store that also offers free classes and events. For example, they recently offered an aromatherapy workshops if that is up your alley.

CityArts Factory

The CityArts Factory is a collection of art galleries in downtown Orlando showcasing local and international artists. There is free admission Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach sits just east of Orlando and is constantly listed as one of the (closest and) top beaches near Orlando.  Spend the day laying on the beach or catching a wave.

Photo By Anna” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by zappowbang

Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Check out selections from a collection that includes more than 5,000 works of art spanning hundreds of years, including European Old Masters and modern and contemporary American art. Admission according to the website is free.

Downtown Disney Marketplace

FYI: You do not need to pay the entry fee for Walt Disney World if you’re just going to their marketplace. Walk around and check out their stores to do some window shopping! Drop a visit to their LEGO Imagination Centre too and let your kids play free with the lego at their play area!


Image from DisneySprings

Disney’s BoardWalk

Another “free” attraction from Disney is their boardwalk. It blends the timeless charm of a 1930s Atlantic coastal village with entertaining contemporary attractions. The boardwalk features free live street entertainment in the evenings, including comedians, jazz ensembles, and pretty niffy performances such as fire shows.

Harry P. Leu Gardens

10 free things to do in Orlando

There are certain 1st Mondays of the month where admission to the Harry P. Leu Garden is free. I personally had a great time there and feel that the $10 admission was worth it. For non-free days, children under the age of 4 get in free and children (K-12) pay a third of the regular admission. Not bad.

10+ free things to do in Orlando, Florida

Morse Museum of American Art

The Morse Museum of American Art has one of the most comprehensive collections of work by Louis Comfort Tiffany including the artist and designer’s jewelry, pottery, paintings, art glass, leaded-glass lamps and windows. The museum is free from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Fridays from November to April, along with free concerts on Friday nights throughout November and December.

Old Town

Visitors have to buy tickets for the amusement rides at the theme park, but admission to Old Town itself, its concerts, and car shows are free. Like stepping backwards in time, Old Town is the re-creation of a classic Florida town at the turn of the century featuring historical architecture and distinctive storefronts.

University of Central Florida Arboretum

At the University of Centrral Florida’s Arboretum, you can see over 600 plant species and eight natural ecosystems while enjoying a disc golf course, bike paths and a great swamp habitat. Um, do you see a theme here with the natural-y vibe? I love seeing pretty plants so this list is up your alley is you like pretty things like I do haha.

QOTD: What are some of the things you did in Orlando on a budget? Do you have a vacation budget or do you make it rain?

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10 Free Things to do in Orlando!

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39 thoughts on “10 Free Things to do in Orlando!

  1. I haven’t been to Orlando since I was really young and got to go to Disney World. I have been dying to revisit just Disney World! Little did I realize that there was so much more to do there, especially on a budget after spending all my money at Disney! Cocoa Beach looks like a place I could spend a whole day chilling out and reading a good book!

  2. Free Disney attractions? I am there! I would also love to check out the Cornell Museum, it’s sadly rare to find affordable art spots these days. I love that you are making these things more accessible for budget travellers.

  3. Awesome list. I haven’t been to Orlando since I was about 14, and I really want to go back someday… it’s nice that you included budget-friendly options, as Disney or Universal Studios are very expensive!! 🙂 The Harry P. Leu Gardens and Cocoa Beach sound lovely!

  4. When I hear or read “free to do” I am excited, its a nice thing especially when nearly everything seems to cost a lot of money when you are travelling. Orlando is very interesting,since we visit this place next spring and look much forward!
    Thank you for sharing your experience, was inspiring 🙂
    Cheers, Birdie & Hendrik

  5. I didn’t even know there was an Old Town in Orlando! Awesome. I’d definitely head there and the beach for a Florida good time. I’m from Ohio, so any time in Florida requires a beach. haha Great tips for not spending too much while there.

  6. I haven’t been to Orlando in ages, but it’s nice to know there is a good list of free things to do since you’re going to spend a ton of money at any of the Disney theme parks! I’d definitely spend some time relaxing on Cocoa Beach and checking out the galleries at the CityArts Factory!

  7. Good to hear you had a great time in Orlando and lovely list of free things to do there. Liked the aromatherapy workshops offered by Chamberlin’s market and cafe the most. #CityTripping

  8. We’ve been to Downtown Disney and we love it! Espcecially now with the new stores like Sprinkles and Uniqlo. We need to check some of the other things on your list like the Harry P. Leu Gardens. It looks so pretty!

  9. Great suggestions Carmy. I really appreciate mixing things up a bit on our travels – a bit of sightseeing, some theme parks, culture and of course if you are keeping costs down a bit on activities you can indulge in a bit of shopping!

  10. This is a great list! I didn’t know that there were free things at Disney – especially free Lego activities! I’m sure my husband would be over the moon to visit LEGO Imagination Centre. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow — I haven’t been to Orlando in years — and that was long ago when it was a family trip. I love that there are so many free things to do here. I’d love to check out Cocoa Beach 🙂

  12. I just went to Orlando for work in October, but I didn’t do any of these things. I was staying pretty far out on a resort. I have another conference there next July so hopefully I can explore some of the things you mentioned. I would love to see the Old City. I imagine the beach is hard to get to without a car though?

  13. You know every time I go to Orlando I go for one reason – Disney. I’ve Only been downtown once. I will definitely make a point of visiting the town next time instead of a park and be utilizing this blog!

  14. Great list. I think my two favourites would be the Old Town (looks too cool to be free!) and the Arboretum thing (can’t resist some pretty natural-y vibes 😉 ). I usually don’t have a budget when I travel but if I save money on some things, I can travel for longer!

  15. I think there will be no boring moments when we visit Orlando. I’m eyeing the Harry Leu garden because it looks so peaceful and romantic as well.

  16. I would be so happy to visit Orlando one day, I’ve never been there! I think I would go first to the Old town (mainly because I love your picture actually!) and to Disney of course (sill a child finally I guess) and the art museum (’cause I love art so much)

  17. I have not been to Orlando yet. Free sights and things to do add a lot of charm to every city and these are no different. I would like to do a good tour of the University reminds me so much of the one I saw in Coimbra.

  18. The Old Town looks so pretty, I would love to go back in time and take a peak on how Orlando used to look in the past. I did something similar in Stockholm and it was amazing. The Harry P. Leu Garden looks really cool also, eprfect to stroll around on a hot day.

  19. So many fun things to do, I’ve only visited Orlando to go to Disneyworld! I love the picture at cocoa beach. A walk on Harry P. Leu gardens sounds refreshing!

  20. Ahhhh I love this post!! So many lovely places to visit in Orlando… Definitely going to visit some of these places now I know they exist 🙂 … Art and Art Craft fairs are my favourite!! Thanks for sharing xx

  21. Orlando is one of my favorites cities in the world and I live just an hour drive from here. Most of the people think that there are only theme parks to explore but glad that you mentioned so many interesting things to do out there!

  22. Never knew Orlando had so many interesting things to do. Will definitely try to visit some of the places mentioned by you. Thanks for sharing.

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  24. ok, so I did not know that some parts of Disney were free and Legoland included! The beach too, sounds like a great idea to head to. Lots of free stuff. Thanks for the list.

  25. I too have a thing for Mugs lol but I now stop myself. I love finding free things to do in new places makes it easier on the pocket.Never knew so many places were free in Orlando thanks for sharing.

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