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Beginner’s Guide Part 5: The Core

Your core consists of the spine and the muscles of the hips, abdomen, and back.  Together, they stabilize the spine which provides a solid base for your legs and arms.  Having a strong core generates the power, stability, and mobility that are crucial in running.  Working on your core reduces the chances of injuries and on top of that. If your core is weak after super long runs and your form starts to suffer causing you to slow down, you may start slouching, and putting too much stress on your hips, knees, and shins but a strong core will keep you going.  Your abdomen can also help you improve on your speed: the stronger your transversus and rectus abdominis-and lower back and more stable these muscles are, the more force and speed you can generate as you push off the ground thus helping you move faster.

Here’s a list of core work outs that I find to work the best for me and after testing them out, you can decide if they work for you too!


The Stick Crunch

The Stability Ball Crunch

Planks and its variations (if you’re up for it: spiderman plank)

The Superman

The Ball Roll Out



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