Building a Better Runner / Gym Free Workout: Vol 2

Happy Sunday! Today I have another circuit that Sherman and I put together.  Once again, this is a series aimed to help build a better runner and ways to have a gym free work out from either home or directly after your run outside!

If you need more instructions regarding any of the exercises posted, you can head on over to Sherman’s blog and he’ll have a more detailed breakdown of the circuit.

A gym free circuit workout to help build a better runner or to help you tone up for the new year! More at circuit

This week, my goal is to do this at least three times a week after my runs.  Russian twists are going to be hard for me and the jump squats!  Fingers crossed that I make it through haha.

Lemme know what you think of this!  Join me and let me know how it goes.  I would love to get feedback and have you join me in building a better runner!

<3 Carmy

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13 thoughts on “Building a Better Runner / Gym Free Workout: Vol 2

  1. I love gym free workouts.

    It’s funny because 2 of these moves I’ve included in my anytime anywhere workout which I will be posting tomorrow.

    But I love how our body is our own gym.

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