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The 6 Best Indoor Running Tracks in Toronto

If the weather has you down, be sure to take advantage of one of these fantastic indoor tracks in Toronto. Here are the 6 best Indoor Tracks located in Toronto.

The 6 Best Indoor Tracks in Toronto york university track

Variety Village Indoor Track  – 3701 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

Located in Scarborough and not too far from the beaches is the Variety Village Indoor Track. This 200m MONDO© Track is unique because it contains an inner railing for those with balance or mobility issues. There are also 2 lanes on this track dedicated to those in wheelchairs, which makes the Variety Village Indoor Track one of the best facilities in the city for those with a visible disability. Variety Village also has basketball courts, rock climbing walls, and seven weight lifting platforms. The cost to use this facility is $50/month.

Toronto Track and Field Centre – 4700 Keele Street, Toronto 

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Do you live near the York University Campus? The Toronto Track and Field Centre is perfect because it contains a 5-lane 200m indoor track made of synthetic rubber. There’s also an additional sixth lane which is used for light jogging. This facility contains a warm-up area, high jump area, long jump area with sandpits and more. Last but not least, there’s a shot-put section for those who like to be a bit ambitious. The cost to use this facility is $111.75/month or $5.55 per day.

Toronto Pan Am Centre – 875 Morningside Ave, Toronto

If you love to get active, then you should take advantage of the Toronto Pan Am Centre because it was used in the 2015 Pan Am Games. Partly owned by the City of Toronto, this indoor track is free to use 7am-11am daily and is also free on most nights. The 200m indoor track features five lanes and the facility also has 2 Olympic sized swimming pools for those who are thinking of imitating Michael Phelps.

U of T Field House55 Harbord St, Toronto

If you live in downtown Toronto then you need to check out the indoor track at the University of Toronto. This 200m track contains five lanes (slowest on the inside, moving up in speed as you go to the outside lanes) Not to mention, there is strength training equipment for those working on building muscles and plenty cardio equipment for your endurance. The cost to use this facility is $101.70/month, there are also discounts for alumni, seniors, and more.

Monarch Park Stadium Indoor Track – 1 Parkmount Road, Toronto

Located in the east-end of Toronto is the Monarch Park Stadium. This brand new four-lane indoor track is unique because at 370m, it’s the longest indoor track in the city. This track has plenty facilities like washrooms, change rooms, showers and stays open until midnight seven nights a week. The cost to use this indoor track is $10/day. Seniors walk free Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8:00am and 10:00am.

Edithvale Community Centre – 131 Finch Ave W, Toronto

North Toronto, we couldn’t forget about you. The Edithvale Community Centre, located in the north side of the city has a free indoor track with plenty drop-in programs. This track opens at 7am, six days per week for the morning folks. It also has a dance studio and fitness room for those who like to partake in plenty city programs.

QOTD: Do you use an indoor track?

If you have any other indoor running tracks in Toronto that you think should be on this list, comment down below!

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The 6 Best Indoor Tracks in Toronto

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6 thoughts on “The 6 Best Indoor Running Tracks in Toronto


    In Ottawa we have only 1 and a half tracks – 1 being the Louis Riel full 400m track and Carleton has a dinky 2 lane track. Nothing else and both are super expensive and restrictive. If I talk about the LR dome, it is usually accompanied with lots of swearing, lol.

  2. I feel pretty lucky about the cost of the track I use now! I’m north of Toronto, and there’s an indoor track in Newmarket that is $1.50 per use (or cheaper if you get a membership). It’s only a 100m track, but it’s a great option in the winter.

    Thanks for posting this! It’s great info to have on hand 🙂

  3. We do not have many indoor tracks near where I live which actually has been difficult for some of my track workouts for Boston that I had to modify for road. You have so many great tracks available!

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